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Test Process Optimisation

Our trademark TPO has delivered measurable optimisation across many large financial institutions. Following our unique methodology, TPO will review the full Test Process in context and emphasise quick wins.

Test Consulting

Quickly gaining an understanding of the challenge and providing a tailored solution is crucial to the success of any consultancy – this is what we are known for and where we have delivered solutions in all aspects of testing from environment and defect management processes to short term resource augmentation

Managed Testing Services

Our specialists go through client specific induction to allow them to understand the onsite culture. When onsite, delivery is paramount and working closely with project teams to deliver on time and in budget is expected and attained

User Acceptance Testing

Business users are expensive and specialised resource, ensuring that they can focus on business as usual is key and this is where our specialists truly excel – our specialists understand their domain, they have the experience and tools to act as deputy for operational and business users whilst allowing them to still have ultimate sign off.

Strategic Mentorship

After the Strategic Tester programme, the candidate will be armed with skills to optimise existing testing practice, appreciate how evolving testing practices will need to be considered for future proofing and understand how markets, threats and other external factors will influence their organisational test strategy

Test Automation

Ensuring that test automation is scalable, maintainable, user-friendly and returns on investment are our top objectives when introducing or optimising test automation. We have successfully delivered automation projects ranging from migrations where automation is used for pre and post migration benchmarking to full automated regression suites.

About Us

Specialists in Software Testing


qualisant is an Edinburgh based software testing consultancy specialising in providing services to the Financial Services industry.

At qualisant its all about our team of specialist who are known for their seamless integration on client site, their unsurpassable passion for testing and their reputation for delivery.

Established in 2015 with the joining together of a group of like minded specialists, qualisant's management team have a well established reputation and proven track record in business, delivery and engaging with large, blue chip financial service organisations.

We are here to help

Being ‘obsessed with quality’ is one of our key principles and we practise it with dedication.

Neither the square peg, nor the round hole should be changed to fit the other but qualisant can deliver a solution that can ensure that they work efficiently and effectively together

So, whether it’s an Automation Framework or troubleshooting a defect on your project, our specialists apply their expansive experience to delivering a solution that meets the needs of our clients.

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